What Kind of Faith

Written by Cindy Music

Proverbs 14:26 New International Version

Whoever fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for their children it will be a refuge.


What kind of faith journey do you envision for your family?

I love preschoolers; more is caught than taught with them.  They are adults in shorter form.  How many times have parents heard “That is your mini me”?  We have 2 mini me’s in our family.  My great nephew Tyler looks just like his father.  He has several of his mannerisms and thought processes.  In fact, we often call him by his father’s name.  His sister Lilly is just like her mother.  She likes fashion, cooking and acting; just like her mom.  She favors her mother in looks as well (thank goodness). 

We have another “mini me” in our family too.  Me.  I realized the other day how much I am my mother’s child.  She would wander through Sam’s for entertainment, going down every aisle to see what was new.  Often, she came out with an empty cart and a full heart.  She would chat with old friends and make new ones. Last week, I went into Sam’s wandered around the store, and ended up in a conversation with a lady comparing what we came in for and what extras we had found. 

It got me thinking about what kind of faith journey my mother had in mind for me.  What were the things she had hoped I would learn?  What kind of a Christian did she want me to become?

I think maybe she wanted me to know the discipline of going to worship on Sundays.  I think she wanted me to serve in the church and in the community.  I think she wanted me to learn how to make new people feel like they are an old friend.  I think this because these are the kind of things she did in her own life.  She went to church most every Sunday of her life, unless she was sick.  She served in the church nursery for 50 plus years and she volunteered at Clark Memorial gift shop for over 20 years.  My mother talked with at least one stranger anytime she went into a store.

In the Children’s department we spend on average of 3 hours a week with the children that come through our doors.  We make the most of it.  We talk about how God loves them, how He is always with   us, and how Jesus wants to be their friend forever.  They hear stories from the Bible and sing songs.  We help to lay the basic foundation of their faith.  I know their families want so much more for their faith journey.

What kind of faith journey do you want for your family and friends?  Each one of us has a different vision of what that looks like.  What I have learned from my own life experience and from listening to other people’s stories, is there is someone close to them that lived a life of faith.  We caught more than we were taught.

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