The life of the Wesley Chapel Guatemalan Missionaries During COVID19-Part 1

Written by Pam English, Missionary in Guatemala

At La Senda


March 13 put a super change and stop on everything in Colegio Metodista La Senda, Sumpango, Sacatépequez, Guatemala.   The first case of Covid-19 was diagnosed in the country.  With this the ripple effect began:  churches closed; schools closed; masks were suggested; public transportation was stopped; restaurants were closed; curfews began; faces masks were enforced; etc.


La Senda currently is a school to 200 students and a boarding house to 9 boys and 4 adult children who grew up there.  But with Covid things dramatically changed as no longer daily classes could be taught, devotions could not be given, and rooms and food could not be provided to the boarders. Initially it was believed that this would not last but a few weeks.  As it was evident that longevity was unavoidable, adjustments were made.   Buying internet happened for the students who live in rural areas and/or dirt floors.  Teachers learned how to use and perform zoom and the like classes.  Books were sent home. Computers were rapped up.  Pews and desks remained empty.  The walls and halls became quiet and lonely. 


At La Senda, Steve and I began advising and instructing our staff in how to move forward and not to give up.  We tried to teach parents to not live in fear but in calmness.  The country was in deep, frantic fear of the unknown.    


Ultimately, we initiated a continuation of the daily chapels and individual counseling sessions by grades.  I continued to lead teachers in staff meetings, classroom planning and scheduling and classroom online observations.   But overall, we tried to bring the Word of God and spread words of peace to each student and staff in this time of uneasiness.    II Thessalonians 3:16 became our shared and targeted verse to strugglers, “ .. May the Lord of peace Himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you.”