The Creation Points Us To the Creator

Written by Pastor Tony Alstott

My first campout happened when I was eleven years old. I crossed the street and set up camp in my neighbor’s front yard. My neighbor and I gathered some sticks and made a fire. We talked late into the night while feeding the fire and ourselves with the food we brought. At one point we looked up at the clear sky and gazed at the stars. What a beautiful sight. We talked about infinity and the countless stars and galaxies beyond the reach of the most powerful telescope. On that night, I had the awe-inspiring notion that God was bigger and greater than the universe. The universe testified to me about the Creator. In Romans 1:19-20, the Apostle Paul wrote that God puts truth in the hearts of all people when they look at the earth and sky and see that creation was made by the Creator.

In the story of Creation in Genesis, Creator God asks Adam to take care of the creation. God gives the creation to us as a gift. We benefit from the goodness of the earth and, in return, we are to take care of the earth so that the human race can continue to benefit. God’s request to Adam is extended to us. We are caretakers or stewards of the earth.

As humans we have not always done a good job. Forests have been depleted without planting new trees. Rivers have been polluted with the toxins from factories. Poisonous gases are released into the air creating toxins to be breathed and forming acid rain. Litter from our abundance blows in our fields and fills our landfills. Scientists who warn us about the dangers of our pollution are often met with ridicule.

As Christians, we need to be a leading voice against pollution and a leading advocate for taking care of our planet. God invited us to benefit from the value of the earth but not at the expense of the earth itself. We can make an effort to recycle, which reuses our resources instead of allowing them to be discarded to a landfill. We can contact our government representatives to let them know of our general support for taking care of the environment. We can refrain from littering and pick up the litter we find when we are outside. We can avoid buying Styrofoam plates and cups. When we built Wesley Chapel on Highway 150, we include a geothermal unit for heating and cooling to save energy. When we think Green, we are thinking God.

Dr. Spock on Star Trek would greet people with, “Live long and prosper.” He was quoting Scripture: “Walk in obedience to all that the LORD your God has commanded you, so that you may live and prosper and prolong your days in the land that you will possess” (Deuteronomy 5:33). As I write this, God has put me in the land of Indiana, the United States. It is our responsibility to care for the land that God has put us in. When we value creation, we value the Creator. When we take care of creation, we are helping point people to the Creator.