Written by Sidney Poindexter

To be a witness of the Lord is to show and demonstrate to others what we have “seen” and know to be true about God. Matthew 28:19 says, “Therefore go and make disciples.” I think behind this verse is a deeper meaning – “Go and show others the love of Jesus and tell them how He forgives and shows mercy.” 


For me, I have felt the call to not only be a witness to those in my everyday life but to people around the world. When I get to serve in the Dominican Republic, I do have a bit of a language barrier. However, the Lord doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Sharing Jesus with others, especially children, brings an overwhelming amount of joy into my heart. We aren’t meant to be ashamed or embarrassed by Jesus. He is our one source of peace, joy, and love. 


Jesus is shown in us by serving and helping others through all kinds of work. In the Dominican, I have painted inside and outside homes, laid concrete, flattened land, cleaned for others, served food, and done even simple tasks, like holding open a door. Jesus put others first every day, no matter what. He was selfless during His entire life. Serving puts yourself second and others first, just as Jesus did. 


I believe everyone should have the opportunity and chance to step out of their comfort zone, leave their normal life, and be immersed in another culture for a short time. Being a missionary and a servant of God has opened up my eyes and humbled me greatly. If you would have told me 5 years ago this is where I would be in life, I think I would have laughed. I’m so grateful to be the Lord’s witness. 


You can be a witness without going to another country, too. Jesus meets us where we are and gives us opportunities to share and serve daily. Maybe it’s holding open the door for someone. Perhaps you see someone struggling with groceries and you offer to help. Paying for the person’s food behind you in the drive-through. Unspoken acts of kindness. That is how we serve. Be like Jesus, and serve without selfishness. 


How can my actions benefit another person? How can I be like Jesus today? How can I be a witness? The answer is simple:  serve.