Set Free
Today we live in a world of exaggeration. People present their best selves on social media. As we compare our ordinary lives to the extraordinary world of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, we may feel like we are missing out on the best life has to offer while others are finding it. What we need is the truth that sets us free from an unreachable perfection created by the world. We find that truth in a relationship with Jesus. Jesus proclaims that he is truth. When we know Jesus we are set free from false perfection and its consequences. The truth in Jesus that sets us free is knowing we are loved and accepted as God created us. We can have assurance that it is in a relationship with Jesus that we are loved. Purge the thoughts and feelings that you don’t measure up and fill your life with the unconditional love of Jesus.
7/7: Truth Sets Us Free (Pastor Peter Williams)
7/14: AWOL
7/21: From Persecuting to Proclaiming
(Pastor Peter Williams)
7/28: Restore Gently