C H U R C H   M E D I A

Sermon Series

Honest Answers

November 2020


Grow deeper in your faith with honest answers.  The Old Testament prophets gave honest answers to life’s questions. 

They called out the shallowness of the people and called them into a deeper faith and commitment. 

The Spirit of Christmas

December 2020


The Spirit of Christmas is filled with hope, peace, joy, and love. After Jesus was born, Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple where a man named Simeon recognized that the Promise of the Messiah ad been fulfilled.

Life Together

January 2021

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. After exploring the way (2016) and the truth (2018), we turn our focus on Jesus as the life. This month we will explore how God breathes the Holy Spirit into us to give us life. We can enjoy the abundant life of Jesus on this earth while awaiting the hope of eternal life in heaven.

Worship is when we are giving God the glory. It can be singing along on Sunday morning, but it can also be in anything you do. When we are glorifying God through our work we are worshipping Him.

Cory Feuerbacher

Worship Director

Pastor Tony recommends reading:

Be The Bridge: Pursuing Gods Heart for Racial Reconciliation

In an era where we seem to be increasingly divided along racial lines, many are hesitant to step into the gap, fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing. At times the silence, particularly within the church, seems deafening.
But change begins with an honest conversation among a group of Christians willing to give a voice to unspoken hurts, hidden fears, and mounting tensions. These ongoing dialogues have formed the foundation of a global movement called Be the Bridge—a nonprofit organization whose goal is to equip the church to have a distinctive and transformative response to racism and racial division.
In this perspective-shifting book, founder Latasha Morrison shows how you can participate in this incredible work and replicate it in your own community. With conviction and grace, she examines the historical complexities of racism. She expertly applies biblical principles, such as lamentation, confession, and forgiveness, to lay the framework for restoration.
Along with prayers, discussion questions, and other resources to enhance group engagement, Be the Bridge presents a compelling vision of what it means for every follower of Jesus to become a bridge builder—committed to pursuing justice and racial unity in light of the gospel.