C H U R C H   M E D I A

Sermon Series

Mount of Blessings

July 2023

Attitudes can position us to be receptive to God’s blessings. Jesus begins the Sermon on the Mount with the Beatitudes. This month we explore Jesus’ words about how to align our attitudes to be like Jesus.

Peace by Piece

August 2023

Paul began each of his letters with some variation of “Grace and peace to you.” The word for peace in Hebrew is Shalom which describes both an inward peace, a peace among people, and peace with God. In the sermon series Peace by Piece, we will embrace this greeting from Paul with words that immediately follow the greeting that will give us comfort, hope, vision, and determination.

Faith That Shines

September 2023

Jesus identified certain people who had “faith like no other.” When we let our faith shine, then people can see the demonstration of our faith and give glory to Go. We will discover who impressed Jesus with their determination and what qualities they possessed in order to demonstrate a faith that shines.

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Dynamite Prayer-A 28 day Experiment

Break through the walls of your prayer life and discover miraculous new possibilities.

Dynamite Prayer is a daily prayer guide that will show you how to begin a practice of “breakthrough prayer,” a way of praying where we ask God to open new doors and reveal new possibilities, fueled by the Spirit’s power. This 28-day adventure will take you from feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and uninspired to curious and expectant as you surrender your own preferences and ideas and courageously follow the miracles God brings into your life.