Written by Chrissy Perkins
Such a simple common word yet so hard to put into action.


In a world where events are fast, emotions high and what seems to never be enough time, peace is the last thing on our minds.

When do you find peace? How do you find peace?

Do we actually truly achieve peace?

Seems too time consuming to even find the answers to those questions, doesn’t it?


Peace is not something that comes naturally or when you least expect it. We experience peace in the moment, moments and when we just “be”.


People have stated they find peace when practicing the art of yoga, or taking a long walk in the quiet woods, or even when holding your sleeping baby.

Those moments of peace fill our body and soul with a sense of clam, joy, and even happiness.

How do we find peace in the noise or the hard times?

That is up to you, you are the maker of your peace.


Do something you love such as paint or journal or even take a nice long walk. Make time for your loved ones. We (people) are social beings, God created us to be with each other. Quality time can lift the spirt and bring joy into your life.

Struggles may come and hardships are inevitable, but how you respond to those moments will help you make it through. When overwhelming times come lean on those hobbies or people to find your peace.


Take a second and have a talk with God.


From an early age I was told “tattle to God or talk to God”. When good comes, when troubles come, when I feel uneasy or when I’m hurting, talking to God while I’m doing something I enjoy such as a walk or sitting by the pool helped me find peace.

I may not feel the peace at that exact moment, but as my prayers would continue day by day or a situation would happened, then I would feel the peace


It’s not always easy to be still and listen for God or to see what plans he has for you but one thing is very sure, he will grant you peace when you seek Him.


Find your “happy place” and pray. If it’s one of those days in the workplace, take a second in a quiet place and start talking to God.


Peace also comes when you have faith God has you in His hand. Having faith and trusting no matter what comes your way, God has you and is taking care of you.

Trust + faith = peace

John 16:33 ESV /

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

Psalm 29:11 ESV /

May the Lord give strength to his people! May the Lord bless his people with peace!


How will you find your peace today?