Letters of Recommendation

Written by Becky Perkins

Often, I have someone ask me to write a letter of recommendation for them to send to an organization to use as a job reference, or for a college entrance recommendation.  It is much easier to write a letter of recommendation for someone that I have developed a relationship with over time.  When I know a person’s heart, their motives, their special abilities and their gifts, it is much easier to write a letter of recommendation.  It is also helpful to have had time to observe the person in action with other people to know them in a personal relationship with others.  I feel that I am able to write a genuine letter of recommendation in this situation.  


In 2 Corinthians 3:1-6, Paul finds himself having to prove himself to the Corinthian church.  Paul had founded the Corinthian church on his second missionary journey.  Paul was sent by God to preach the Good News to the Gentiles (Acts 9:15).  The core of the Corinthian church were Gentiles.  After Paul had left the church to continue his missionary journeys, Judaizers infiltrated the church.  Judaizers were trying to lead the people down a road of legalistic beliefs, which included a faith in God by obeying the Law of Moses.  Their ministry was built on a set of rules of dos and don’ts and had emphasis on the external look of a believer.  Paul came to teach the Good News of grace and love with an emphasis on the new covenant of the heart of the believer with Christ.  The Judaizers boasted of their many converts and they boasted on the fact that they carried with them letters of recommendation from important people in Jerusalem.  The Judaizers claimed that Paul had no credentials.  Paul claimed that he had a letter of recommendation from Christ and Christ alone. 


To have a sincere “letter of recommendation” from Christ in our ministry, we must walk with Christ in complete surrender of our hearts, body and soul.  Then we are able to walk with a sincere motive and heart.  When we do this on a daily basis, we know the Holy Spirit will come and do the work in us and through us.  The Holy Spirit will become our letter of recommendation to the people around us.  A person who is living a life of devotion and ministry for Christ may not be accepted by the world, because the world will not know our heart and have connection with the Holy Spirit.  When we carry God’s letter of recommendation inside of us, we do not need to worry about what others think or do around us.  We can live in peace and confidence of the power of His Spirit working in and through us. 

Jesus wrote our letter of recommendation when he suffered on the cross for us.  He wrote the letter of recommendation in his blood shed for us on the cross and stamped with the seal of the Holy Spirit. 


As a staff person in a church, through the years, I realize there are some people who may not think I deserve a good letter of recommendation.  But, I know whom I have put my trust in and who has called me to ministry.   Jesus has always been my letter of recommendation.  My daily prayer is that I follow Christ and prove to him and him alone that I have a sincere and genuine heart for a good letter of recommendation from him. 


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  1. William Schuppert says:

    How beautifully written. As I read this, I would , without hesitation, value your letter of RECOMMENDATION.

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