Holidays Turn Into Memories

Written by Chrissy Snawder

With the holidays coming around the corner, we all do one thing: make time for family. After the year we’ve had, being with loved ones is most important. We want to be surrounded with people we care and love and make us feel all “warm and cuddly inside”. Most holidays turn into running around from here to there or making sure you have this for this gathering or that gathering. We forget to enjoy the moments.

This year, make new traditions and memories.

Some people have an annual football game after turkey, or go shopping for those perfect deals.Maybe take a second and go around the table and share stories, or things you’re thankful for or even have a craft for the kids to make so you can keep it for years to come to remember this day.

Remember to take time, slow down and savor every moment with your loved ones. Kids grow fast, families grow, and family members move away and even pass away. The time you share now will be the memories you carry with you for a life time.

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