Growing in Faith and Relationship with Jesus and My Sister

Written by: Raegan Feuerbacher

We all know how it is with our siblings. We can’t stand each other when we’re living together, but when we move out and go our separate ways because of college, jobs, or something else, we become stuck like glue. Can you relate to that? My twin sister and I were close-ish before we graduated from high school. We shared a car, we shared our clothes (and still do), and we had five out of seven classes together. It wasn’t until we were living 1-1/2 hours away from each other that we truly began to get closer to one another.

I feel that my relationship with Christ is almost the same way. I didn’t truly understand what it meant to have a relationship with Him until I was in high school and in my early years at college. Even then, I wasn’t regularly attending a small group or Bible study. I wasn’t even studying my Bible when I was alone in my dorm room. I wasn’t connected to Jesus.

Face Timing my sister became a regular occurrence while walking from class to class or when I needed someone to sit with me while I worked on my homework. You see, I’m a “social worker.” I need another body in the room with me while I’m attempting to do anything productive so that I am, in fact, productive. Now, we text each other every single day and often FaceTime or call more than once.

In the same way, we’ve challenged each other to spend time with Jesus in prayer or in study. My sister spent the summer away doing ministry for FUGE camps and came back on fire for Christ. It inspired me to get off my lazy bum and start studying the Word. We would text each other to check in when we had completed our Bible study or our prayer journal. Her return from camp got me to grow closer to Jesus in a completely different way.

Don’t get me wrong. I attend church every Sunday and serve in some capacity in one way or another almost every week. There are times when that helps me feel closer to Jesus. Other times, and if I’m being honest, most of the time here recently, I haven’t felt closer to Christ doing those things. They’ve become habits, albeit good ones, but they aren’t challenging me to grow. Since implementing a nightly prayer in my prayer journal, I have felt myself become more aware of Jesus. I see the little things that I might’ve missed before. I don’t always run to worldly things to address my anxieties (progress over perfection, y’all). I pray about them.

I had always wanted to grow in the prayer area of my faith journey. It wasn’t until my twin sister inspired me to do so that it happened. I’ve gotten closer to Jesus, and I’ve gotten closer to my sister. I talk to her every day, and I talk to Jesus every day now. We’re all on our own journeys to get closer to Jesus. Even those of us who are seasoned Christians are striving to be closer to Jesus, and one day, not on this side of heaven, we will be closer to Him than we could ever imagine.

4 Responses to “Growing in Faith and Relationship with Jesus and My Sister”

  1. Momma Alstott says:

    Nice job Raegan. It’s been amazing to see you grow up both physically and spiritually. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Harvey Hamilton says:

    Thank you for sharing Raegan! We are proud of you 👏
    We love you 😘

  3. Bonita Cadle says:

    Thanks for open & honest. We’re on different journeys, but still walking together. 💋

  4. Jill Dayvault says:

    I’m so proud of you, young lady! Thank you for sharing from your heart. You are so blessed to be this spiritually mature at your young age. It took me many years to get to your level. It’s amazing how God works, and I’m grateful that He used Kaylan to draw you closer to Him. And I believe He will use you to draw others to Him! Love you!

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