We have classes and groups for all ages at Wesley Chapel. They include Sunday morning Sunday School classes, Community Groups, Wesley Wednesday Studies, and Topical Studies. Check out all the opportunities below!

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Find the good news that brings hope and spiritual renewal.

We live in a world full of bad news. The media recounts stories of natural disasters, violence, and conflict. In the midst of all this heartbreak, we can’t lose sight of the fact that God has given us good news. We call it the gospel. It reminds us that God loves us and longs to redeem our suffering. He stepped out of eternity and into time to send us His one and only Son. The gospel truths shared with the early church at Rome echo into our day, reminding us that we still have good news to embrace personally and to share with others. In this six-week study of the Book of Romans, we will be highlighting significant concepts regarding the good news about faith, grace, daily life, God’s plan, relationships, and eternity. Whatever bad news we may receive, in Romans we will find good news to encourage and transform us.
Join Melissa Spoelstra in taking a posture of listening and learning as we approach this powerful book packed with good news. Let’s ask God to do a mighty work in and through us as we study so that we might be inspired with a spiritual renewal that spreads to those around us! 
The facilitators are Rhonda Alstott, Kelley Hessig, and Nicki Prince.
Wednesdays, 6:30 pm
Women’s study
September 9-October 14
$12.50 (Books will come to the office for pick-up)
The class will be on Zoom. Register below for link.


Connect Class

If you want to become a member of Wesley Chapel, or if you just want to discover some of the basics of faith and discover where your passions line up with opportunities here at Wesley Chapel, join Pastor Tony as he leads this class.

The three sessions are:

Share our story

Share Gods story

Membership vows and serving opportunities

Mondays, 6:30 pm
October 26 – November 9
Agape Room 224
No cost

The Names of God

Today’s culture and others’ views, even those of other Christians, can present a distorted view of God. Some suggest God exudes qualities He does not possess such as being unloving or apathetic toward His creation. In a world where we find people creating God in their own image, studying God’s names can remind us that we are created in His. In fact, one of the best ways to know God’s true character and grow closer to Him is to study His names.

In The Names of God, Melissa Spoelstra leads women on an exploration of the many names of our triune God—from El and Elohim to Yahweh and its many combinations to names such as Abba, Jesus, and Holy Spirit…and many others.

As women study the names of God, their ideas about God will become more grounded in what His names tell them, and thus more personal, allowing a greater trust in Him to share the details of their lives. Whether having walked with God for many years or just starting out in a relationship with Him, by the end of this study women will not only know more about God but will know Him better—because through the discovery of God’s names, they will discover Him!
The facilitator is Becky Perkins.
Fridays, 9:00 am
Women’s study
September 11-October 23
$12.00 (Books will come to the office for pick-up)
The class will be on Zoom. Register below for link.

Precept Study

Sermon on the Mount – How Can I Be Blessed?

Faith that does not compromise is promised a reward in the world to come, and also a life free from anxiety in this world. Get a deeper understanding of the fruit and security that come with righteousness in the life of a true believer. You’ll never look at the Beatitudes the same way again!
Thursdays, 9:00 am
September 17 – November 19

If you plan to attend, you have 3 options for the book as follows:

*Follow along in your own Bible. Cost is free.

*Purchase your book from Precept online and have it shipped directly to you. Cost is $22.50 plus shipping.

*I will purchase books and they can be picked up in the church office. Click the link below to sign up and order your books. Cost will be $22.50 (checks made to Wesley Chapel) .

The class will be on Zoom. Register below for link.

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Sunday School classes are currently meeting only on ZOOM.

If you would like to join a class please contact the church office 812.944.2570.


Contemporary Christians

40s and up  |  Sundays at 8:30 and 9:45 am  |  Room 224


30s and up  |  Sundays at 9:45 am  |  Room 218

Faith Builders

20s and up  |  Sundays at 11:00 am  |  Room 220


Growing Faith

20s and up  |  Sundays at 11:00 am  |  Room 222



60s and up  |  Sundays at 9:45 am  |  Room 118


20s and up  |  Sundays at 9:45 am  |  Room 212

Unified in Purpose

20s and up  |  Sundays at 9:45 am  |  Room 222

Young Adults

20s and 30s  |  Sundays at 9:45 am  |  Room 218


Need Prayer?

We would love to pray for you. You can send us a message for prayer. 
“Families are our priority. From a single person to a fleet of children, everyone is part of our family. You have the opportunity to discover the truth about who God is and who you are through Him by attending classes or joining a small group.


Becky Perkins

Faith Development