Jesus invites us to follow him.  When we agree to follow Jesus our goal is to be like Jesus in every way.  As a community of believers in Jesus, our goal is to be a Christ-like church.

In order to be a Christ-like church, we must go to the source that records Jesus’ words and actions.  The Bible is our foundation that points us to a right relationship with God through Jesus.

Jesus gave us two primary commands to follow:  love God and love people.  Jesus modeled unconditional sacrificial love by giving his life on the cross so that we may have eternal life.  As a community of faith, we are to model Christ-like love.

As a follower of Jesus, each of us is part of the community of faith.  We worship, study, serve, and give within the community of faith.  Community also describes the mission field beyond the community of faith where we are called to serve with a message of God’s love to all people.