Wednesday Devotional
Thursday is my scheduled day for hospital visitation.  Last Thursday, three days before Mother’s Day, I got on the elevator with a man and I asked him, “Which floor?”  He answered, “Four,” and I pushed buttons three and four.  Read Matthew 1:24-25.  As we rode the elevator I asked if he has going to see a baby since the fourth floor is where babies are born.  He said that they lost the heartbeat on the baby during labor and that the baby did not survive.  I ignored the elevator door as it opened to the third floor.  I rode with the young man to the fourth floor offering a few words and a listening ear.  He exited onto the fourth floor to be with the mother who would not be taking home a child.  Mother’s Day and Christmas can be difficult holidays for families who have lost children or who struggle with infertility.  As we move beyond Mother’s Day may we be sensitive to people’s pain and loss.  May we also be a people of hope.  One day this grieving mother will be reunited with her baby.  The sorrow will turn to joy.  The ache will be gone.  Jesus, the baby born in Bethlehem, gave his life on a cross so that we may live forever.

Dear God, be with mothers and fathers who cannot physically hold their children because of infertility or a premature death.  Comfort them in their grieving and give them hope for eternal life.  Amen.