Tuesday Devotional
Good news and good deeds go hand in hand.  Read Acts 10:34-38.  Churches today are faithful to share the gospel inside their walls but are not making the effort to impact their communities.  Christian leaders develop strategies to get people to come to church while neglecting strategies that get Christians into their communities.  The Apostle Paul made an effort to go to Caesarea Maritime to share the gospel with Cornelius.  When sharing the gospel he told them that Jesus shared the good news and did good works.  Good news and good deeds are the two things that Jesus used to help transform communities.  Likewise, we must combine the sharing of the gospel with good works in our community.  At Wesley Chapel, we focus on local and global mission year round.  This month our focus is on filling the shelves of the local food pantry and participating in Serve Day.  In July we gathered school supplies for students in local elementary schools.  We have also begun our Blessings in a Backpack where servants go into local Elementary Schools and pack food for students to take home for the weekend.  We believe that in order to be a witness, we must being doing good deeds in our community.  When these good deeds are combined with sharing the good news, we are able to transform our community.

Dear God, help us to be your witnesses in the world today so that people may see our good deeds and be drawn to you.  Amen.