Thursday Devotional
When we choose to follow Jesus we are given the mandate to be witnesses in the world.  Read Acts 1:6-9.  Jesus has called us to be Kingdom Builders.  He has called us to build the kingdom through relationships and through service.  As a church, Wesley Chapel has intentionally pursued relationships with other nonprofit organizations who align with our Christian values and are being the hands and feet of Jesus.  The Salvation Army is known as a service organization, but they are officially a church that is serving the community.  The Mustard Seed is a second hand shop that finances the recovery of women who have been sexually abused.  Clean Socks Hope is reaching the homeless in Floyd County.  Exit 0 is reaching the homeless in Clark County.  We don’t just support these ministries financially, we are committed to serving along with them in our community.  As followers of Jesus we must go into our community and our world in order to be witnesses.  This Saturday Wesley Chapel has organized a Serve Day.  It is an organized effort to help our mission partners in our community be the hands and feet of Jesus.  We invite you to pray and/or participate that we would have a positive witness in our community.

Dear God, help us to be your witnesses in our homes, our churches, and our communities.  We pray for Wesley Chapel to be a Christ-like church as we serve our community.  Amen.