Thursday Devotional

The baby will be called Immanuel which in Hebrew means “God is with us” (Isaiah 7:14).  How do you pick a name for a baby?  Do you use a family name?  Do you use a baby name book?  Do you look on the internet?  Have you had a name picked out for a long time.  Jesus’ name was chosen by God.  He was first called “Immanuel” 740 years before Jesus showed up on the earth.  The words of the prophet Isaiah were for the people in 740 B.C.E., for the people of the first century,  and for us today.  Because of the birth of Jesus in a manger, we can be certain that God is with us.

Dear God, thank you for sending your Son to remind us that you are with us.  Help our hearts be at peace today with this assurance.  Amen.