Monday Devotional
Should I go to an event if I don’t approve of the lifestyle of the people who are there?  Read Matthew 9:10-17.  Attending an event does not equal condoning a lifestyle.  Jesus ate dinner with people who were living ungodly lifestyles.  Jesus was able to balance loving people without condoning sinful behavior.  The behavior of Jesus was counter cultural by evidence of the Pharisees’ condemnation of Jesus’ behavior.  Many Christians today have fallen into the mindset of a Pharisee instead of having the love of Christ.  Jesus showed his love by eating with people at their event.  Jesus loved them where they were.  As disciples, we are to show love to people in the same way.  We are not condoning sinful behavior by being present with people who are not living holy lives.  We can maintain holiness and obedience to Christ while showing love and acceptance of people.  When we show love by being present with people, we have the opportunity to display the love of Christ and perhaps bring someone closer to Jesus.

Dear God, help me discern between loving and condoning.  Fill my heart with love so that I may reach people with the love of Christ.  Amen.